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Thrifting Success!

There is one guaranteed way to make sure you never find anything amazing in a thrift store - going in looking for something specific.  Case and point: I wanted something unique and vintage for our guest room.  We have a huge modern photograph on the wall behind the bed, and I wanted something to fill the opposite wall without completing  Beyond that vague idea, I was really stuck.  Stopped by Value Village quickly one day recently, and there it was.  A large watercolour of a Paris street scene.  I love that the perspective is a little off-kilter.  Somehow that shade of green is exactly the colour in the bedsheets for that room.  It's cut off in the photo above, but the French tricolour flies above the rooftops.  My favourite city, in my favourite colour palate.  Perfectly imperfect, and in a high quality metal frame.  And here it is, $10 later:

[ Finally painted, the guest room is starting to come together ] - the curtains were made by me and just need to be hemmed - the oval mir…

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